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About Estela

Welcome to Estela
Professional Belly Dancer.

Estela is a Professional Belly Dance Performing Artist, Choreographer, Instructor and Belly Dance Costume Designer base in Las Vegas Nevada.  Her top reviews on many sites all over the internet got her recognized as one of today’s most exciting talented dancer. She has performed shows in theaters, concert halls, nightclubs, restaurants, many of the top hotels & casinos in Las Vegas.

Her dance is displays of elegance and mystic motion blended with powerful energy, and mesmerizing unique technique. She captivates her audience letting them experience the beauty and mystery of Belly Dance. Estela has shared stage with many Belly Dance Mega Stars such as Aziza of Montreal, Amanda Rose, Eman Osama, Rosa Noreen, Deb Rubin and many others during various shows in Las Vegas and all over United State.

aboutShe started her dance training in 2004 at CSN (College of south of Nevada) were she discover her passion for Belly Dance. She studied many traditional Folk dance styles of the Middle East, Classical & Modern Egyptian Oriental Dance, along with other dance genders such as ballroom, jazz, and many Latin dances. She also owned a few certifications training programs from recognized fitness school like W.I.T.S and AFAA and Zumba®.

Estela travel to keep her dance education and training through seminars, workshops and Master classes with the most sought after Master Instructors from all over the world such as Randa Kamel, Aziza of Cairo, Aziza of Montreal, Sadie, Virginia, Tito, Mercedes Nieto, Amir Taleb and Suhaila Salimpour , just to mention a few.

Photography by Glenn Brogan Photography


Raks - Dance

(Pronounced "rocks") This is the Arabic word for Dance -"the act of dancing", and/ or sometimes spelled Raqs example : Raks Estela – Estela’s dance.